Friday, December 11, 2009

We Can All Learn from Tiger Tiger Woods Yall!

Well well well. Mr. Eldrick Woods has got the internet going nuts (c) Paul Wall. Seems like everyday since Elin Woods took a putter to Tiger's forehead, a new skeezer has popped out of the woodwork to publicly proclaim that Tiger has been serving them that good Cablanasian penile. Most of us are shocked at just how strong Tiger's pimp hand is. We're finding out all types of awkward salacious tidbits about the golfer's sex life but I think we're finding out so much more about ourselves. Here are some things I've learned while watching the Tiger Woods debacle unfold.

1) Hoe-shit is aye-ok, just don't get caught.

"Leave Tiger alone. Everybody cheats, he just got caught." Oh, how many times have I heard this over the last couple of weeks? As a society we have sanctioned infidelity. It is nothing to be shocked about or even ashamed of anymore. Don't worry about knocking up another chick or bringing home some deadly disease to your family, just don't get caught. And getting caught probably wouldn't even be a big deal if these fools weren't worried about having to pay Nas-Kelis type money after the divorce. Marriage is such a joke in this country. (see: I Pity The Fool)

2) We make excuses for celebs.

"Oh, you don't understand what it's like to be the world's most recognizable athlete. Think about all the pressure he's under." Ok, Tiger's under a lot of pressure, so what's your cheating ass excuse? PEOPLE cheat on their significant others EVERYDAY and it has nothing to do with a Nike contract. Tiger Woods is a man and should be held accountable as one. Stop making excuses for that fool.

3) Domestic violence is ok when a woman is doing the beating.

If Tiger had gone after Elin with a GOLF CLUB, he'd get the OJ treatment, straight up. She goes after him with a golf club and we make jokes. Resorting to violence to settle a dispute is not ok, ever, no matter what you're packing in your pants. Why don't we understand this???

4) We don't expect much from our men.

Self control is beyond them in our eyes. It is simply too much to ask a man to not sleep around. I don't think this is true. These are MEN, not children. They have a choice in what they stick their dicks in. How about y'all choose to stick it in YOUR WIFE instead of any ol' blonde working at Starbucks?

I was listening to the 2 Live Stews one day and a caller says, "Lebron, do NOT marry that girl until your career is over!" Riiiiiiiiiight... because Lebron James doesn't have control of his body while he's playing in the NBA? So, you want him sleeping around now and then going back to Cleveland to lay-up with his live-in girlfriend and mother of his two children? (She's gorgeous, by the way. I just adore them as a couple!) We should be encouraging family building and discouraging dangerous and destructive activities like sleeping with random broads on the road. Am I missing something?

5) Sleeping with another woman's husband isn't worthy of disdain and should be flaunted.

*cough* Alicia Keys *cough* All of these women couldn't WAIT to get on TV and tell the tale of how they slept with the very married Tiger Woods. I think something has to be awry in your life to sleep with another woman's husband in the first place but you REALLY need help if you are proud enough to go public with it. When did home wrecking become cute? Why aren't we calling these whores what they are? Nooooooo... yall want to interview them and give them their 15 minutes... We encourage this mess when we stop calling a spade a spade or in this case, a tramp a tramp.

I hope Tiger and his family get it together. I gave up on him after the whole Cablanasian thing, so I'm not hopeful. The outlook is especially bleak since he paid Elin $80 MILLION to stay with him... Paying someone to be with you? [sigh] Oh, Tiger... That's another discussion for another day. For now, how about we all focus on being faithful to our partners and saving ourselves all the unnecessary drama (and money in some cases). If you can't do that, just stay single, folks!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Favorite Verse from the Great Cee-Lo Green

The entire song is worth quoting but Cee-lo's part on Outkast's "In Due Time" gives me life:

Struggling is just a part of my day
Many obstacles been placed in my way
I know the only reason that I make it through
Is because I never stop believing in you
Some people wonder why we're here in the 1st place
They can't believe because they ain't never seen your face
But even when you pray, the next day you gotta try
Can it wait for nobody to come down out the sky
You've got to realize that the world's a test
You can only do your best and let him do the rest
You've got your life, you've got your health
So quit procrastinating and push it yourself
You've got to realize that the world's a test
You can only do your best and let him do the rest
You've got your life, you've got your health
So quit procrastinating

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Save 'Em! S. Lake's Guide to Spotting a Gold Digger

Fresh off the joining in "holy" matrimony of NBA player Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian (what is her title exactly?) it is becoming more and more apparent that high profile guys and girls either don't care about getting with a gold digger or don't know how to spot one. It's awfully hard to believe that after being in the game for more than a day you wouldn't be able to spot the money hungry, but we continue to see millionaires hooking up with people that are clearly in it for the loot. Some of these fools are clearly making a choice to turn a blind eye while their mate digs in them pockets but some of these cats are just gullible. I borderline feel sorry for the naive men and women who suddenly come into fame and money and are then forced to decipher the real from the fake with no experience, so I came up with S. Lake's Guide to Spotting a Gold Digger to help them out. It's pretty common sense but hey, common sense aint common. Here we go! (FYI: I'm addressing men for the most part in this post but it applies to women as well. Gold digging knows no gender! Also, even if you don't have gold digger issues now, you might hit the lotto tomorrow, so read it anyway!

1) No job/career = No can do!

THE SYMPTOMS: The goal is to identify the person who is most likely to date you solely for your income or celebrity. Let's be honest about this. "Aspiring" models, singers, actors, etc. have the most to gain from dating a celebrity. Be wary of anyone trying to break into your field or a field related to yours. There is probably an ulterior motive there! If you're dating the unemployed or someone in a dead end job, you clearly have "Captain Save-A-Hoe" written on your forehead. The motive is clear in this case and you might need to take some time away from dating to read a book. This point may seem elementary but look at Kanye West and Amber Rose... Yeah, no further explanation needed. 

THE REMEDY: Date women with REGULAR JOBS. (I'm biased but it's true). Even chicks established in the industry can be diggers... they will date you, not for money, but for publicity. A teacher doesn't care about that mess, she's trying to get lil' Ray Ray to stop saying "polices." "Police" is already plural, Ray Ray!!

2) Are her actions screaming at you?

THE SYMPTOMS: It is imperative that you assess the circumstances under which you met your potential mate. Where did you meet them and what were they doing? Bumming drinks in VIP? Hmmm... Oh, so you met her through a friend? How is it that she knows the man next to THE man? Ok, so you met her at the gym. Is she steady dropping names and telling you about who she knows? Is she obsessed with designer labels and "the finer things"? How much of her time is spent dreaming about "the good life"? These are things you have to pay attention to while you're rapping a chick up for the first time. 

THE REMEDY: Clearly not every chick in the club is a gold digger. Many women just want to drop down low and sweep the flo wit it sometimes. But if the broad is all in VIP in your face rather than doing her own thing, she might be a digger. Check for the chicks that are having a good time rather than sweating you. Check for the chicks who have something to talk about OTHER than what money and celebrity can bring. Ladies don't want no Shallow Hal, so fellas, stay away from the Shallow Sistas. 

3) Birds of a feather...

THE SYMPTOMS: We all know the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together." Generally, this is true so it would behoove you to take a look at her homegirls before deciding to wife a chick. If your boy has run up in all of her friends... RUN! If her crew knows the bouncers at the club on a first name basis... WATCH OUT! If her friends are dating athletes or entertainers... ACTIVATE THAT SIDE EYE!

THE REMEDY: Every girl has at least one rat friend but if ALL of her friends fail the gold digger test, keep your eyes open. Take a look at her crew. If they're not sweating you like your ish don't stink, she might have a well grounded circle and is more likely NOT to be a jersey chaser.

4) Is she a Ride or Die Chick or just a Digger?

THE SYMPTOMS: I'm not really one for shacking up but if that's your thing, go for it, but BE CAREFUL. If she's extra eager to drop everything to become totally dependent on you... that's not cute, that's a digger! Don't be fooled thinking she wants to be closer to you... that broad just don't wanna work! Does she have her own identity? Does she want you to create one for her? Open your eyes, sir! This goes hand in hand with point #1. A chick with no job and/or real career goals will be more willing to leave it all to mooch. A woman with goals outside of getting wifed by a millionaire may have some reservations about abandoning her dreams to sit front row at Fashion Week. 

THE REMEDY: Nothing is more important than finding a mate who has goals and is actively chasing them rather than chasing another person's pockets. If you can find a chick who is focused on completing a task, whether it's grad school, writing a book (not the Super Head kind, though), or getting that promotion, she's less likely to dig for your gold and dig for her own. 
THE BOTTOM LINE: Stop tricking on sight! Get to know a chick before you wife her, spend your cheese, or raw dog! (Who does that anyway??? *cough* Lil Wayne *cough*) And if you'd stop rationing the D out like government cheese (© Alexyss K. Tylor) you'd be less likely to get whipped by a digger. Here's an idea, get to know a chick before you bed her. So if your going to be sprung you can at least be sprung off a real woman and not a gold digger. 

Ok, that's all I got. If you know of any other ways to spot a gold digger, post in the comments and help these fools out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Pity The Fool

Ok, so the news of the weekend was Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom won the Championship this year and then went on to lose his mind, apparently. He went and married Khloe Kardashian (yes, the not-cute one) after dating her for a whopping 30 days. [Insert WTF side eye here]. And word on the street is no prenup was signed. Lawda'mercy! I didn't know they made this level of stupid in 2009.

Not only is it dumb (as hell) to wife up ANY chick after 30 days but Khloe's track record is EXTRA shady. Odom is her THIRD professional athlete this year. She dated the Minnesota Timberwolve's guard, Rashad McCants, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' running back, Derrick Ward. [Someone queue up track #4 on Kanye's "Late Registration," please!] Oh, and we can't forget 106 & Park's Terrence J! She locked lips with him recently on her reality show "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami." Now, somehow Lamar thought homegirl was wifey material.

This clearly goes to show that New Yorkers aren't as street smart as they claim. I wonder what the boys back in Queens are saying about L. Odom these days? I'd assume the term "dumbass" has passed through their lips over the past week.

The last I heard, Odom was with the his long-term girlfriend, Liza Morales. The woman who bore his three children. The woman who suffered with him after the death of their infant son, Jayden, in 2006. So, Lamar, you'd rather marry an attention whoring skeezer than the mother of your children? [sigh] Let me stop judging. I have no clue how long Lamar and Liza have been separated and for what reasons they split. I admit though, I don't understand how people have multiple children by someone and won't commit, then get with the next bird to fly by and suddenly can't wait to walk down the aisle! The logic in this evades me.

I think this is the part that gets me most about this whole Odom-Kardashian thing. I identify with the "hold you down chick" who gets overlooked for the skeezer. These athletes and entertainers talk so much about avoiding golddiggers and then they go and pull this foolishness. They do this willingly and knowingly. I'm at a loss. Someone help me understand what is going on here. Do they even know?

Sucks to be Me

You hate me, don't you? Just admit it. Say it! You won't say it. Well, I know the truth. You hate me.

How do I know you hate me? You tried to stuff me in a box the other day. You know I can't breathe in there! Don't deny it... yes, yes you did try to stuff me in a box! What box? The beauty box. Don't roll your eyes, you know what I'm talking about! Yes you do... Remember when you tried to make me feel like I was unworthy? When you held up her beauty as the standard while mine was sub par? You don't know what I'm talking about, now? Well I remember. I remember when you weren't shit if you weren't "exotic" or "long haired, thick, redbone."

You know how else I know you hate me? You don't love me. You don't want to love me. You shun love like the plague. I'm a bitch or hoe rather than a lady or a woman. To be a "pimp" is to be triumphant in your world. You don't need me and you're not afraid to let me know. You'd rather "fuck every girl in the world" than build a life with me. If that's not hate...

You don't leave what you love... but you always leave me here... to try to raise the future all by my lonesome. What a hateful soul you are! So now, not only do you hate me, but you hate your children and cause them to hate me too. They say they love me but they slaughter each other like hogs... I guess maybe to hate your own is hereditary...

That shit must be contagious cuz guess what? I hate me too...

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Generation is Drowning

The story of the tragic demise of Derrion Albert, the 16 year old honor student killed by a vicious mob while gawking onlookers stood idly by, has my stomach in knots. I didn't watch the video of his death. My heart can't take it. I'm barely able to handle reading about it without spiraling into a state of hopelessness. I don't understand how we can do this to each other. How could you beat someone to death over nothing? How could you videotape a child being killed? I'm fighting tears at the thought. I pray that young Derrion is now without pain and is at peace but my tears are not only for the loss of his life and for the pain his family is being forced to bear. My tears are for these children who have become un-feeling drones. It is not natural to live this way but a disregard for life has become second nature to generations.

Killing each other for the smallest affront to our egos is not new. I remember the 80's when you'd get killed for stepping on someone's Nikes. Gang violence isn't new either and certainly isn't unique to the streets of Chicago where Derrion Albert was murdered. No, this insanity is not new but it's still not ok. This happens everyday but somehow I have not become numb. And for that I'm thankful. I pray I never end up like these kids. I pray my soul is never drowned in a state of hopelessness and anger. These babies are drowning and taking their peers down with them.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

No Tears Today

I'm back in Minneapolis throwing a surprise retirement party for my dad today. For 35 years, he worked for Honeywell, Inc, and last week he worked officially at Honeywell for the last time. He has already received his first retirement check and plans to have a copy of the check framed. Excited isn't a strong enough adjective to describe my dad's mood, lately.

Family and friends have traveled from miles around to come celebrate this next chapter in my dad's life. You can't help but get excited at the possibilities that retirement will bring for him. He plans to build a house near my grandfather's in Arkansas. No, I don't mean have builders come and do it... I mean, he and his band of brothers will build a house with their own hands. They're an unusually handy bunch of men, so I have no doubt the goal will be accomplished and we'll throw another party. This time, a house warming.

The house is full of guests, with more to come, so much so that I haven't slept in my own room. My uncle from Arkansas is sleeping in the bedroom with the 2Pac and Allen Iverson posters everywhere, while I sleep on a cot in the living room. I don't mind at all but it reminds me of this very day five years ago, a day sometimes I wish I could forget.

June 6, 2004 is the day we buried my mother in Glen Alan, MS. We had two funeral services for her. One in Minneapolis and one in Mississippi. Much of our family came to stay with us during the time of the funeral in Minneapolis. I gladly offered up my bedroom to my aunt and uncle. I found some comfort in sleeping on a pallet in the living room with my cousins. I barely wanted to go upstairs and walk past the bedroom where the death angel came to claim my mom.

I couldn't avoid it long as I was given the task of pickng out her undergarments to send to Estes Funeral Home. I tried to make it quick but soon found myself sobbing on the floor in a ball of grief. It seemed like the strangest things set me off.

My cousins went around to newspaper dispensers in the city to collect the day's paper with my mother's obituary in it. I was lying on my little pallet of comfort when I heard someone come in and place the papers on the table. My heart started racing and my breathing got eratic. All I heard in my mind was, "The newspaper don't lie. The newspaper don't lie." I shot up off the floor and ran to the bathroom. I tried to muffle my cries but soon my cousins were at the door, knocking, and begging for me to open it. They were afraid I would faint and hit my head but I was just concerned with my dad not waking up to my tears.

I don't see any irony in celebrating my dad's retirement on the 5-year anniversary of my mother's internment but it has suddenly swept in a wave of emotions that I'd rather suppress. I don't want to feel like this today. I don't want to miss her this much today. Sarah, no tears today.

Monday, August 17, 2009

ABDC & Femininity, Word to Eric Benet

Since when is switching your hips and twirling your weave the essence of femininity? Well, if any of you saw last night's installment of America's Best Dance Crew, that's exactly the message you got. 

I must admit, the only reason I'm  paying attention to this show is because I'm rooting for the Beat Ya Feet Kingz. Having lived in the area for 7 years, I've grown fond of DC culture and want to see it get as much shine as possible. Aside from that, ABDC bores me. Shane Sparks is ridiculously corny and everything about Lil' Mama puzzles me. The talent isn't what I would expect for a national show, either. I saw better dance crews in high school. Aside form BYFK, I'm checking for Vogue Evolution, a dance squad of all gay men. The consistently bring it with the creativity and bring more to the table than the usual popping, locking and gymnastics. 

Last night, each dance crew had to perform to a Beyonce song. After Vogue Evolution performed, Lil' Mama commented that one of their members, Leyomi Mizrahi, was more feminine than the females that had performed earlier. So, a man acting as a caricature of a woman is now the epitome of femininity? At this point, I'm frowning. Lil' Mama, don't you understand that how Queens act is an EXAGGERATION of their perceptions of feminine mannerisms? 

The fact that women don't know the difference and put down other women for not being as feminine as a transgender man is a problem. I think some of this comes from women not being able to compliment each other. A young lady on Twitter said the girl from the "Southern Movement" dance crew looked like a "southern tranny" but then went on to tweet about how "gorgeous" Leyomi was. Don't get it twisted, Leyomi is pretty, but I'm worried about our eagerness to put each other down while celebrating others. Leyomi can be both pretty and feminine without you having to assault my femininity. We clearly don't value our womanhood, we'd prefer the imitation.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Did I JUST Hit Puberty???

The last post about sexism in Hip Hop has been on my heart for a few weeks now and I'm just getting around to putting it down on Internet paper. My thoughts since then have made me think about my femaleness in a way I haven't ever had to. I'm feeling my womanhood like never before. I've always been a female. No, I'm not a transsexual post-op just getting the swing of things. I was born with a vagina and have always been recognized as a female but suddenly something has changed. At 25-years-old I woke up and realized I'm a girl!

That's one of the good things about Hip Hop. One rhyme can pull you out of your naivety. One line can change your entire perspective. Why didn't I have this realization when I was introduced to the great Too $hort as a child? I don't know. Maybe because I can't take him seriously. I know he's dead serious but Freaky Tales still makes me laugh. The ridiculousness of it all makes it hard to internalize. I guess that's how I managed to float through life oblivious to the fact that some men really feel this way about women, it's just too ridiculous to take seriously. I've been a Hip Hop fan for as long as I can remember and I guess I've always thought, "all this 'bitches aint shit' mess... They CAN'T really BELIEVE that. It's just posturing. They're saying that for play play. No one REALLY feels like that about women."

I know what you're thinking. How could you not feel the sting of sexism with all the hardship women must face daily? Well, I'm still trying to work that out. What I do know is that I've always focused more on being Black than on being a woman. I've always thought of myself as Black first and a woman second. That may sound crazy to some of you but it's the truth. I don't recall talking about sexism in my house when I was growing up but race was a pretty common topic.

My mother was a woman who came out of Memphis, TN in the 60s to go on to receive her Ph.D. and become a very well-respected and accomplished educator. She ended up making more money than my father (and all the men in my family, for that matter) but never did I hear her complain about sexism. Never. I'd hear her tell stories about the racism she encountered in grad school, but never did I hear her say a word about being discriminated against because of her gender. We never talked about limitations being placed on me based on my gender so I simply never thought about it. Maybe this was purposeful on her part or maybe not. That we'll never know. But I do know that I never felt any type of way about being a girl. Until now. Now I'm walking around giving everyone the side-eye, bracing myself for a demeaning blow that may never come. Thanks Hip Hop... Love you lots! *rolls eyes*

I've felt this way before. Becoming suddenly self aware of something I should have noticed years before. I remember one time in high school I was walking down the hallway with my boyfriend when one of our classmates yelled out to him, "Dang Dre! You always get the girls with the big booties!" Dre's ex-girlfriend was notorious for her big butt so I was shocked that he would put me in the same big butt boat with her. I couldn't wait to get home and look in the mirror. After school, I did just that and sure enough I saw my donk sitting right there on my back! How had this escaped me? It took a fool literally yelling something ignorant in the hallway for me to see it. But even ignorant abrasiveness wasn't enough for me to see what has been right in front of me for years about my favorite musical genre's relationship with women.

Of course I've heard other women protest against misogyny in Hip Hop, but I always thought, "These rappers aren't talking about ME, so what's the big deal?" I thought these feminist hip hopper types were just being up tight and were taking it too seriously. Damn, have I become one of them?? I've noticed that the words hoe, bitch, slut, etc. have taken the place of girl, woman, lady in much of Hip Hop. If every time you reference a female you say hoe or bitch, you ARE talking about me. If I walk up to one of these random rappers on the street just to say what up, they don't see a young lady, they see a bitch. Young ladies obviously don't exist in the rap world because they never rap about them. I might be stating the obvious here but it's all new to me. Just like my big butt was in 11th grade.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kid Cudi and Wale Beat Me Up!!! (Not really but read anyway)

So, clearly I didn't get the Ike Turner treatment from Cudder and Mr. Folarin but being a female hip hop fan feels like being in a relationship with Chris Brown at times. I recently felt like I'd been punched, kicked and bitten by two of my favorite up and comers when they questioned whether females understood their music. On the introduction to Wale's "Let's Ride" from his 100 Miles and Running Mixtape he advises the listener to "Tell your girl don't talk to you for about two minutes, thirty seconds. Three minutes, however long we about to do it." Then he addresses the girlfriend, "Yeah you. Don't say nothing. Ok? Just bob your head like you get it." Uhhhhh... ok, we'll get back to this...

Last month, Kid Cudi took to his blog to get some things off his chest in his post "science to my shyness." His blog is frequently an outlet for him to release his frustrations regarding his transition from an unknown to that dude that random folks run up on and tell how awesome he is. I'd imagine the transition from obscurity to notoriety would be a tough adjustment for anyone so his candidness on the matter has made him all the more endearing as a pubic figure, in my eyes. So that warm and fuzzy place where I keep my thoughts of Cudi was shocked at this little passage, "i never got love from chicks like dat, i mean i did but it was mostly cuz of my personality and every so often my looks. so the attention and love from gurls is of course awesome but it makes me wonder, do they like scott, or kid cudi? hell, do they even understand wut i talk about in my songs? thats wut runs thru my brain with every gurl i meet now and its a question ill never b able to answer off the top." Uhhhh... why wouldn't we understand what you're talking about in your songs, Cudi? Ok, I totally understand why someone with new found fame would be skeptical of the slew of people who suddenly find themselves interested... but what does my gender have to do with understanding your art? The fact that I have a vagina makes you question whether I can comprehend your lyrics?

Now, hearing this same pattern of thought from two of my favorite new artists really pissed me off. Like REALLY. Maybe I was so shocked because for some reason I expected more from these guys. If Gucci Mane makes sexist comments, I shake my head and move on. But Wale and Cudi? I had to sit and ponder this thing. I mean, hell, they talk and rap like they read books, so they CAN'T be that ignorant, right? Apparently I was wrong. And apparently it's not a matter of intelligence at all.

I don't think Wale and Cudi are stupid, per se, for belieiving these things, but I do think they're sexist. Some people think Hip Hop is just for boys. Forget the fact that females actually purchase more music than males do. Forget that. Men are clearly the only ones who understand what Hip Hop is REALLY all about. Women just like the beats and imagining themselves as some rapper's baby mama. Hip Hop metaphors clearly go over our heads. Kid Cudi and Wale are WAY too deep for the female brain. [insert blank stare here]

Now, I'm sure some of you will argue that anyone who believes men innately understand "complex" issues better than women are morons and I'm not so sure I'd argue with you on that. But I will suggest that they don't MEAN to be sexist and they probably don't even realize what they're saying. This line of thinking is so ingrained in our culture that we don't even question it. But it's a new day boys! We've got a Black President (Ok, that's not really relevant but whatev!) and it's time for us to step our game up. We can no longer fall back on sexism as the law of the land as an excuse. Why? Because we KNOW better. I don't fault Cudi and Wale for the sexism and misogyny that run rampant in Hip Hop culture but I DO blame them for not thinking about what they're saying before they say it.

So, let's go back to Wale and the "Just bob your head like you get it" foolishness. If he had simply thought this through he would have seen the ridiculousness of the whole mess. First of all, he's talking to the listener ASSUMING they're male, which is in itself problematic. Second, let's break down what it is that we, as females, don't get about Wale's rhymes. If you listen to Wale for any length of time you'll see a few recurring themes: DC, sports, and fashion. Now, I've been living in DC for seven years now so I (even with my ovaries) get the DC references. Now, my male friends back home in Minneapolis surely have no idea what Wale means on one of my favorite of his mixtape joints "Work" from 100 miles and Running when he says, "I been getting busy since Back was hitting Skillet." Hell, there's a bunch of folks born and raised in DC that don't get that line. Lots of MEN don't know that Back is short for the legendary GoGo band, the Backyard Band, and Skillet is one of their ever evolving songs from the '90s. As for the many sports references, Kid Cudi probably doesn't get those. NEXT! And it should go without saying that not all men are up on their sneaker game to get all of Wale's fashion references. I'm quite sure it was news to the rest of the country that Nike even MADE boots. I sure as hell had never seen them prior to coming to DC to go to Howard.

The bottom line is unless you're rapping about how it feels when your doctor tells you to turn you head and cough, females are capable of understanding your rhymes. Period. If I don't get it, it's not because I wear a bra, it's just that I'm unfamiliar with the reference. Newsflash: Lots of men don't get your rhymes fellas, so stop selling your female fans short.