Monday, September 28, 2009

A Generation is Drowning

The story of the tragic demise of Derrion Albert, the 16 year old honor student killed by a vicious mob while gawking onlookers stood idly by, has my stomach in knots. I didn't watch the video of his death. My heart can't take it. I'm barely able to handle reading about it without spiraling into a state of hopelessness. I don't understand how we can do this to each other. How could you beat someone to death over nothing? How could you videotape a child being killed? I'm fighting tears at the thought. I pray that young Derrion is now without pain and is at peace but my tears are not only for the loss of his life and for the pain his family is being forced to bear. My tears are for these children who have become un-feeling drones. It is not natural to live this way but a disregard for life has become second nature to generations.

Killing each other for the smallest affront to our egos is not new. I remember the 80's when you'd get killed for stepping on someone's Nikes. Gang violence isn't new either and certainly isn't unique to the streets of Chicago where Derrion Albert was murdered. No, this insanity is not new but it's still not ok. This happens everyday but somehow I have not become numb. And for that I'm thankful. I pray I never end up like these kids. I pray my soul is never drowned in a state of hopelessness and anger. These babies are drowning and taking their peers down with them.

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